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Clinisut products are comparable to the best available in the world.

About Us

Clinisut takes pride in our quality products and outstanding customer service.

After years of extensive research & development Clinisut was established in 1989. In the last 26 years the company has grown to the extent of exporting sutures to more than 47 countries worldwide.

Our company works closely with surgeons and professors from teaching hospitals around the world identifying particular requirements and, in some cases, manufacturing specific products for specialist surgical procedures encountered in transplants and open heart surgery.

Clinisut’s sutures are marketed under the registered brand "Clinisut" and comply with the standards of the B.P., B.P.C., U.S.P. and E.P. They are assembled in cleanroom conditions using raw materials sourced from approved suppliers who are world leaders in their fields. Sterilisation is by gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide gas as appropriate.

We believe that we have been innovative as far as equipment for our plant is concerned. Much of our equipment has been manufactured to our own specification in order to give us a competitive edge in the marketplace. We have developed a unique, state of the art, suture winding machine and pouch. This enables the suture to be administered with ease. These machines are a "South African first". They have been patented and have been introduced for marketing in other countries of the World.

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Our personnel are all seasoned professionals who have been involved in Pharmaceutical production, wholesale, retail and export for nearly three decades.